Saturday, September 29, 2007

Half Way There And It's About Time!

Week 9 of marathon training and I've reached the half way point finally. I've also missed more runs during this training season than I have in the past, but I'm not stressing out over it. Most of the misses were due to work and travel schedules.

Like this week for example. Instead of 3 EZ runs, I only managed one, albeit a fun one. Tuesday morning, 5:30 am, Las Vegas strip. It was chillier than I expected, felt like in the low 60's maybe, and I'm glad I decided against going shirtless. This is the view alongside the Bellagio, where I was NOT staying ($500+ a night? No way to hide that expense report).

I easily ran into a dozen or more die-hard runners out there despite the early hour. Unfortunately, no Elvis sightings to report. Sigh.

On Wednesday I was in Minneapolis but missed my run. On Thursday I was back home but missed my run again. On Friday I wasn't supposed to run, but I half-heartedly went out for 2-3 miles just to keep the joints working.

This morning, I wasn't looking forward to my 7-mile pace run, but I knew I could not ignore it. I've yet to hit any of my pace run goal times, but I've been coming close. My past two weekend attempts at this distance were 1:02:13 and 1:01:31. Today, 59:32. Yeah baby. It's about time.


Anne said...

How come when I deviate from the schedule like that my times goes steadily downward?! Well, I sorta envy all the great places you've been able to get in runs over the last nine weeks. But I'm sure to you it's maybe getting a little old.

David said...

it never fails to amaze me how it all comes back sooner or later. It's really just a matter of whether it's there on race day.

Bex said...

Niiiice pace! I have a feeling you're going to smoke me in your next marathon. Note to self: Stop eating burgers. Start running more. :-)

jeanne said...

see? you just needed to rest up. that's my theory anyway.

now that's a smoking pace!

peter said...

I enjoyed reading about your run down the strip. I've been to Vegas, but not since I took up running seven years ago. Too bad you missed out on a run in Minneapolis--there is nothing like running along the banks of the Mississippi on a quiet morning.

GandaMan said...


Greg Davis is a hack.