Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We're All Adult Runners

But some are more adult than others. Anne tells us that "one in five employees currently use company resources to look up porn, gamble online, check on their favorite sports, read personal e-mail, shop on eBay and hook up through an online dating service."

Perhaps they were like me last night, when I had to use the hotel's business computer since I left my laptop charger at work. If you had 3 guesses as to whose RBF blog I was denied entry to because the hotel's content filter slammed it into the "Adult Category", would it be:

Runner Susan,
Breaking The Tape, or
Lick This!

And the winner is ...?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Knee Upgrade to B-

Exactly 2 weeks off since my last run, and I've waited as long as I can to rest my knee. Decided not to pound the pavement, so I tried it out indoors on the hotel treadmill. 3-ish miles at a pedestrian pace and all looks good so far. Yes!

My runner friend and veteran of various marathons and the Hood-to-Coast relay, who has "seen it all" in terms or runner ailments, warned me not to push it too fast too soon. I'll take his advice and ease back into the running slowly.

Another runner friend who is an OBGYN strongly recommended acupunture! This office is so close to my home, I could run there in about 3 minutes. I might give the needles a try just for grins - it can't hurt, can it? Anyone else tried this?

In other news, I've discovered yet some more restaurants in NYC. One is the dubiously named Yum Yum Thai restaurant at 44th and 9th, and right across the street from them is an Indonesian restaurant I tried tonight called Bali Nusa Induh. I thought both were pretty decent. But the piece de resistance discovery was a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown near Baxter and Canal called Jaya. Extremely spicy! I could've used a towel to dry off after my run ... uh, my meal!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

C+ For The Knee, A+ For The Amish!

Tried out the knee this evening, after almost a week off. Decided to take it a little bit cautiously, so I ran only 3 and did it on the hotel treadmill. I started out favoring the left knee a little and could tell my right knee was taking more of a pounding, but after a quick warmup it evened out just fine.

The knee works perfectly when I'm sitting, standing, walking, and now even running. The only thing I can't do yet is put weight on it if I need to go from a stand to a squat, or a squat to a stand (which thankfully is not very often!). I'm going to go with the flow and hope it heals itself. C+ so far on the knee.

After my run I headed out in search of dinner. While I'm here in NYC, I'm trying not to eat at the same place twice, so I can sample as many restaurants and as many cuisines as possible. I'm usually by myself, so I'm not into going to a fancy place for a long sit down affair. I'd rather do take-out and Starbucks, then back to the hotel to check out blogs over dinner!

I discovered a whole slew of restaurants one block over on 9th Ave, and they look more like small neighborhood type places. I had Thai at Pam Real Thai earlier this week; the reviews were great but I thought the food could've been better. After wandering a bit, I stumbled upon Amish Fine Food. What a find! I'm not one to get all excited over a grocery store, but this place had all sorts of interesting stuff I'd never seen before. There were (new to me) energy bars, granola bars, chocolates, candies, cookies, Beefeater flavored tea, biscotti, pizelles, snack mix, dried fruit, jams etc. There was also fresh fruit, cakes, pastries, baklava, sushi, soup and pizza. I ended up getting dinner from the food bar - a Greek salad, grilled salmon with rice pilaf and string beans almondine, and a tub of fresh cut pineapple! I forced myself to not go by the key lime pie and baklava again, but to head to the checkout line instead. I'm definitely going back to sample more of their stuff. A+, even if there's nothing Amish about them - what the hey?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Is TMS For Real?

I finished my RW mag yesterday on the plane. My 4:02p flight from JFK-DFW was finally pushing off at 7:30p (we had to switch planes on the ground after they found an oil leak on the first plane). But now the pilot tells us we're like #19 for takeoff ...

So I'm reading this stuff about
TMS and how some forms of pain are not physical but psychological. I wish it wasn't apropos, but I just developed a bum knee this past week, the first time I've ever had anything close to resembling an injury. I ran 6 on Tue, no problem. I ran 6 again on Thu and at the turnaround in Central Park, my left knee started hurting. I managed to make it back to my hotel, but the stairs up and down the subway later were good for a couple of near-miss stumbles!

I'm thinking/hoping it's just a small case of patella tendinitis, and a little rest will do. But does anyone believe this TMS stuff? Somehow I'm not ready to begin deep soul-searching therapy for my knee just yet! What do you think?

Monday, March 06, 2006

If The Snot Runs, You Must Expunge

Running Jayhawk has a great list going on "You know you're a runner if ...". I thought I had heard them all, but she's got some good ones! Go take a look and add your own; my addition is:

"You know you're a runner if you get rid of snot in ways you'd rather die than be seen doing in public, but wtf, if the snot runs ..."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nothing To Do But Wait

Pressure's on ... I like my lottery chances though. For a variety of reasons, I think 69-28 is a lucky number ;)