Saturday, June 27, 2009

Calm Before The Storm

Tomorrow morning I plan to get up early and have one last, long, slow, purpose-less run. Next week I begin 18 weeks of training for NYC, and the pressure will be on to run and run right. Even though I want to train right, I'm not pushing for a PR as I understand NYC is not the place for that. Maybe Austin or Houston in 2010?

Unlike past marathon pursuits, I'm swamped at work this time and I don't expect to be chronicling much of this one, but I wanted to record this moment as I'm about to step up to the starting line for this tortuous journey. I've been base building since April 1, and I've dropped 11 lbs to a svelte (for me) 154. I haven't been this light since college. The magic this time was cutting down on portion sizes, especially at dinner. I've long eaten right, next to no fried stuff, no junk food, no donuts, lots of cottage cheese, a ton of cottage cheese, no ice cream, no burgers, no fries, no onion rings, no cold beers unless it's more than 90 degrees out, no Captain-and-Cokes except nights and weekends, no milkshakes, no key lime pies, no tiramisu, no cake ... well, except this one, my first cake this year, for my babies, who are babies no more, because two days ago they officially became ... TEENAGERS!!! Happy Birthday S&S!!!