Friday, April 17, 2009

Washington DC

Alas I did not get to run last Monday morning in DC. Some serious libations the previous night at an unmarked establishment near Dupont Circle put a dent in those plans. I had to look up my credit card receipt later to figure out where we had been. Highly recommended though!

Nevertheless, the next day, Sam and her buddies visited DC's finest monuments, recreating routes I had run several times before, usually in the pre-dawn hours, usually alone. Actually, always alone. More than once, I thought back to times when I ran past the White House, or ran down the Mall, or stood at the Lincoln, and had to share all that space with literally only 2 or 3 other sorry souls. Not this Easter Monday morning ...

Sam and I at the WH

Clarie, Max, and Sam

One of my favorites ... anyone know who / where this is?

Visiting Abe

I see this ... I think MCM ... I feel pain!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baltimore and Volleyball

We're in Baltimore this weekend, Sam and I. That's her sports name. We're at the Northeast Qualifier volleyball tournament playing at the 13's level. It's a great fun time for the girls, going out of town, staying in a hotel, hanging out with the team ... like an all-expense paid vacation. Which it is.

Sam and Max flirting with the boundaries of Coach K's list of approved food items.

Max (Libero #4) with Sam on her right.

These girls are super-fit!

I finally started running a week ago. It was a killer. Started on April 1 with 4 miles. Had to run-walk some of it. Signed up for NYC too on April 1. $187 big ones. That was a killer too - not sure which one hurt more.

At least that got me ready for running in Baltimore. Went with M. to the Inner Harbor, passing Camden Yards along the way. What a nice place to run and the weather was beautiful.

It rained today, so we ran on the treadmill at the hotel. We might get to run outside one more time, and then on Monday I'll be in DC. Can't wait to get out on the Mall for old time's sake.