Friday, April 17, 2009

Washington DC

Alas I did not get to run last Monday morning in DC. Some serious libations the previous night at an unmarked establishment near Dupont Circle put a dent in those plans. I had to look up my credit card receipt later to figure out where we had been. Highly recommended though!

Nevertheless, the next day, Sam and her buddies visited DC's finest monuments, recreating routes I had run several times before, usually in the pre-dawn hours, usually alone. Actually, always alone. More than once, I thought back to times when I ran past the White House, or ran down the Mall, or stood at the Lincoln, and had to share all that space with literally only 2 or 3 other sorry souls. Not this Easter Monday morning ...

Sam and I at the WH

Clarie, Max, and Sam

One of my favorites ... anyone know who / where this is?

Visiting Abe

I see this ... I think MCM ... I feel pain!


Old School Runner said...

Looks like you had fun in DC! Easter Monday at the White House was very crowded. I can't believe the NYC marathon costs $187! That's insane!

David said...

Fun time in the city.
So how are we going to find a place with no name? Send us a copy of your cc receipt.

Anne said...

Now I'm curious where that Einstein statue is located...near the Smithsonian? So nice to see so many smiles.

DawnB said...

DC is fun especially this time of year. Your daughter is very beautiful.

Ryan V. said...

I love DC.

Glad you are running again.

You know what is a great training run for NYC?

El Scorcho Tres....

peter said...

Oh yeah, we know where the Einstein statue is. It's nice to sit in while resting and contemplating the man's genius. We'll keep its location on Constitution a secret a little longer. Nice family shots!