Friday, November 28, 2008

The First Race Is Over

I didn't intend to record every Texas game since TX-OU (photo credits: CSTV), but I'm not about to break with tradition. We ended the regular season on a high note last night:

#4 Texas 49
Texas A&M 9

Now it's up to the pollsters to determine where we go next. Unless you're a rabid Texas fan, you wouldn't care less about the crazy formulas involved.

The Turkey Trot was yesterday, White Rock is around the corner, plus countless holiday season runs. I'm not in any of them. Without a race to pace me along, I've only been running here and there for fun. Or trying to at least. The weather has been crisp and cool - ideal for running. I try not to watch the clock or the HR, and just go.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Hold

I've been thinking for a few weeks now that I can catch up on my blog reading. It hasn't happened. I didn't even watch the last two Texas games:

#5 Texas 45
Baylor 21

#4 Texas 35
Kansas 7

Since our All Sports weekend 2 weeks ago, things have not let up. Syd joined a newly formed 1st grade basketball team with many of her old soccer buddies. A team name has not yet been picked but I suspect the Funky Monkeys may be making a comeback.

Sam started club volleyball practices and reported back that practice was "hard". We have 3 out of town meets this season, Oklahoma City, Denver, and Baltimore. I am happy for her whenever I can stop thinking about the $$$.

Steph had another Cheer Meet already, yesterday in Ft. Worth. Cheer Meet parents are still scary.

Work has been busy, which in this economy is a good thing and I count myself fortunate to be in this position. I was in Indianapolis and Louisville last week, and I'm in Cincinnati (tonight) and Cleveland this week. It's all good.

With all this going on, something's gotta give. I've run sporadically, but I try to get at least 2 runs in a week, sometimes 3. LHR training is still an enigma, although coach BQ'd at NYC recently running 3:30.

If you don't find me commenting, I'm sorry, I hope this is a temporary break.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Sports All Weekend

Congratulations to Texas Tech - they played a heck of a game and deserved to win. There is no shame losing to the 7th ranked team, especially when we came from behind all game long to go ahead with 1:29 left, only to lose on a last-second TD.

#1 Texas (8-1) 33
#7 Texas Tech (9-0) 39

I ran the DRC Half this morning, hoping for a better result. Alas, the PR is intact, and was not even threatened today. Unofficial time 2:10. No excuses - just didn't get it done. I'm gonna have to re-evaluate this LHR training thing - you betcha. Thanks Susan, sorry I couldn't find you at the finish.

But the weekend was not a total loss!

The Funky Monkeys finished the fall season 7-1 for a terrific record for this new team. Syd found her groove back and scored a bunch of goals and a bunch of assists to spread the wealth around. Way to go Syd!

The Renner Mustangs 7th grade Silver Team won the championship in Plano. With only 8 girls to rotate in for the championship game, they came back after losing the first set to win. Way to go Sam!

It's also club tryout weekend and Sam made her first club team this year - she'll be playing for Team PSA Volleyball Club!

That leaves one more. Steph competed in her first cheerleading meet and let me tell you, some of these parents (not ours of course) are pretty scary. OK, most of them. Anyway, in the National Cheerleaders Association North Texas Classic, the Pride All-Stars came in 2nd in their Level 3 division. Way to go Steph!

I'm exhausted, but happy. Now, when does Texas play again?