Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Sports All Weekend

Congratulations to Texas Tech - they played a heck of a game and deserved to win. There is no shame losing to the 7th ranked team, especially when we came from behind all game long to go ahead with 1:29 left, only to lose on a last-second TD.

#1 Texas (8-1) 33
#7 Texas Tech (9-0) 39

I ran the DRC Half this morning, hoping for a better result. Alas, the PR is intact, and was not even threatened today. Unofficial time 2:10. No excuses - just didn't get it done. I'm gonna have to re-evaluate this LHR training thing - you betcha. Thanks Susan, sorry I couldn't find you at the finish.

But the weekend was not a total loss!

The Funky Monkeys finished the fall season 7-1 for a terrific record for this new team. Syd found her groove back and scored a bunch of goals and a bunch of assists to spread the wealth around. Way to go Syd!

The Renner Mustangs 7th grade Silver Team won the championship in Plano. With only 8 girls to rotate in for the championship game, they came back after losing the first set to win. Way to go Sam!

It's also club tryout weekend and Sam made her first club team this year - she'll be playing for Team PSA Volleyball Club!

That leaves one more. Steph competed in her first cheerleading meet and let me tell you, some of these parents (not ours of course) are pretty scary. OK, most of them. Anyway, in the National Cheerleaders Association North Texas Classic, the Pride All-Stars came in 2nd in their Level 3 division. Way to go Steph!

I'm exhausted, but happy. Now, when does Texas play again?


David said...

Texas Tech was long overdue for a big victory. They've been on the high scroing short end more often than not.
It was a heck of shootout again.
So now what? Cotton Bowl?

Runner Susan said...

We must have finished within seconds of each other. I looked for ya, but I didn't see you at the end. Great job though, it was so hot today.

Your kiddos are the cutest! Congrats to them as weel.

Run For Life said...

Good job on the half...LHR training scares me, haha. Congrats to your kids! (I would have loved it if my soccer team was called the Funky Monkeys.)

Anne said...

What talented daughters you have! Maybe someday they'll play for Texas (Tech) :-)

peter said...

Nice post, about nice kids. Nice subtle ode to Obama. (Spread it around.) Building the aerobic engine, says this newly certified coach in contradiction to current gospel, isn't so easy as just going slow!

Ginger Breadman said...

It's been a long time since I've caught up, Rich. Wait, there are three? I thought there were two. I remember Syd with soccer, 'cause it's our Syd that goes with soccer also. And then the cheerleading and the volleyball. How the heck do you keep up with the running and blogging when you're trying to watch the football?

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