Friday, November 28, 2008

The First Race Is Over

I didn't intend to record every Texas game since TX-OU (photo credits: CSTV), but I'm not about to break with tradition. We ended the regular season on a high note last night:

#4 Texas 49
Texas A&M 9

Now it's up to the pollsters to determine where we go next. Unless you're a rabid Texas fan, you wouldn't care less about the crazy formulas involved.

The Turkey Trot was yesterday, White Rock is around the corner, plus countless holiday season runs. I'm not in any of them. Without a race to pace me along, I've only been running here and there for fun. Or trying to at least. The weather has been crisp and cool - ideal for running. I try not to watch the clock or the HR, and just go.


David said...

At least you're running for fun. Are you thinking you neeed to retrench? Pick a race and train for it the old fashioned-way?
Well pick a race first.

Runner Susan said...

did you just say you are running white rock? because i distinctly remember someone saying NO to that at the last race he ran with Runner Susan.

jeanne said...

no turkey trot...??? WHAT??? get the hell back out there! i only have some many inspirational nemesisessssss

peter said...

Running just for fun. I remember those days of innocence before Garmins and heart rate monitors and coaching certifications and training groups and LHR runs and technical shirts (remember those soppy wet cotton t-shirts hanging off you?) and UnderArmour socks and compression shorts. In the beginning, I wore tennis shoes on the trails. (Course I hurt my knees with that one.) A quick ten minute jaunt up to the school yard 1.25 miles away and 9:45 back (more downhill), four times a week. Sigh. Where have you gone, turn-of-the-century?

Black Knight said...

Running for fun or to race is not important. Important is to run.
You follow football and I follow rugby, for us november was a nightmare, Italy lost all the matches against Australia, Argentina and Pacific Islanders but we are proud of our team. Come on Azzurri! I have already the tickets for Edinburgh.

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