Monday, December 15, 2008


As if I needed another reminder, this is what I caught on the drive home this evening. I wish I had thought about it first, but my creativity only went as far as "262" and a black magic marker.

I've been thinking a lot about 26.2 lately, like almost every day, which is odd because I haven't been running. Yet, reminders like this one tonight are everywhere.

When I'm not running, every day seems like a perfect day for running. 79F (not a typo), sunny, and windy yesterday? Perfect. 26F (not a typo) and freezing rain tonight? Sounds perfect too. Am I nuts?

When I'm running, I can't stop thinking about stopping. When I'm not running, I can't stop thinking about running. Is this insane?

I've browsed the 2009 marathon calendar so many times, I should start my own online dating service for runners seeking races.

Yesterday marked two years since my marathon PR at Dallas White Rock. It was a bittersweet anniversary. My PR was fueled by adrenaline and temps in the mid-30s. Yesterday was unseasonably warm, average finish times plummeted, and one runner sadly did not make it home. My condolences to the family.

It's such a sad story each time this happens. My soul searching continues even though I already know the answer. I'll find another race to run. I'll train. I'll push. I'll keep going. And then I'll take whatever the race gives me.