Monday, December 15, 2008


As if I needed another reminder, this is what I caught on the drive home this evening. I wish I had thought about it first, but my creativity only went as far as "262" and a black magic marker.

I've been thinking a lot about 26.2 lately, like almost every day, which is odd because I haven't been running. Yet, reminders like this one tonight are everywhere.

When I'm not running, every day seems like a perfect day for running. 79F (not a typo), sunny, and windy yesterday? Perfect. 26F (not a typo) and freezing rain tonight? Sounds perfect too. Am I nuts?

When I'm running, I can't stop thinking about stopping. When I'm not running, I can't stop thinking about running. Is this insane?

I've browsed the 2009 marathon calendar so many times, I should start my own online dating service for runners seeking races.

Yesterday marked two years since my marathon PR at Dallas White Rock. It was a bittersweet anniversary. My PR was fueled by adrenaline and temps in the mid-30s. Yesterday was unseasonably warm, average finish times plummeted, and one runner sadly did not make it home. My condolences to the family.

It's such a sad story each time this happens. My soul searching continues even though I already know the answer. I'll find another race to run. I'll train. I'll push. I'll keep going. And then I'll take whatever the race gives me.


Runner Susan said...

flying pig?

DawnB said...

Rich I think maybe you've been watching too much football. :0) but I know the feeling well!!
get out there and run. :)

peter said...

25 MPH? Brutal. So sorry to read about the fatality; it's no comfort but at least onlookers immediately assisted her so she had her best chance. Susan is right, Flying Pig is a comer, Dawn is right, get out there and run.

Anne said...

Is that the new Texas license plate? Looks different than what I've seen here. Cool vanity plate though.

And how 'bout them Hokies.... (Yes, I've been watching too much football too.)

Deene said...

cool plates! go out and run, just run.
you can have my bumper sticker that says "26.2". it's a small round sticker but it's still in my wallet after 3 months.

jeanne said...

I think about this everyday too! the difference is, I KNOW i'm crazy.

David said...

Rich has a crush on a number, my friends: 26.2.

Old School Runner said...

Am I the only one who finds it incredible that you grabbed a camera (camera phone?) and took a picture while driving?

Black Knight said...

Too many thoughts. Go out and run! Everything will become easier.
Merry Christmas.

Rhea said...

Hi Rich! Merry Post-Xmas and all that. When's your next race? And I'm re-starting my blog. Yes, 'tis true. But this time on Vox. Watch for an invite.

Ryan "GandaMan" Valdez said...

Where you go, amigo???

splendid said...

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