Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'll Escape With This For One More Week

#1 TEX (8-0) 28
#6 OKLA ST (7-1) 24

You can't always blow out a top-10 team, so I'm happy to escape with this win. I missed the game while camping all weekend with my 1st grader in our YMCA Adventure Princess program. With no TV and spotty radio reception, there were quite a few dads thumbing the blackberrys for espn updates.

Sorry folks, I'm so behind on reading. Between camping in Oklahoma and a business trip to Vegas last week, my last run was on Wednesday. Time to get moving again.

In the meantime, next up for the Longhorns, #6 Texas Tech next Saturday in Lubbock.

Hook 'em Horns!


Old School Runner said...

Texas vs. Texas Tech should be a good one. TT racked up over 60 points in its last game.

DawnB said...

ok with me.

Ryan "GandaMan" Valdez said...

Nice pic of the pom-pom squad.

David said...

Is this a football blog?

Texas Tech is scary but not always so good. It'll be interesting.

peter said...

Time to get moving again? You mean you're abandoning that LHR training? Actually, I took a coaching certification course recently and they scolded us all, saying that for endurance running training, we ALL run too fast. Something about building the metabolic engine by running slow. Is that it?

Black Knight said...

I like to see that ball, I cannot stand the other stupid roundish ball that rebounds in such strange way.

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