Monday, October 06, 2008

Running The Table

Between a little bit of travel, the presidential debates, college football, 1st grade soccer, 7th grade volleyball, and work, I took the week off from running last week. It's the first week since 1/1/08 that I did not run at all. Illogically, I felt like 9 months of consistent base building was draining by the minute ...

But back to business. My beloved Longhorns and QB Colt McCoy are holding up so far, now 5-0 and ranked #5. Sweaty palms and churning stomachs are about to explode this weekend. It's the annual TX-ou weekend in Dallas, with ou ranked #1. National Championship is there for the taking, if we can deliver the goods, yet the road ahead is no cream puff schedule. Our next four consecutive games:

Oct 11 #1 Oklahoma (5-0)
Oct 18 #3 Missouri (5-0)
Oct 25 #17 Oklahoma State (5-0)
Nov 1 #7 Texas Tech (5-0)

Combined record of our next four opponents ... (20-0) ... gulp. If we lose, I'm going for a very very long run.


TxTriSkatemom said...

I don't know about running the table, but we should put on a good show this weekend. The defense was great against CU and I'm one of those under-achievers when it comes to Texas football -- as long as they shut up the Oklahoma band enough so I don't have to hear that damn Boomer Sooner song all day I'm happy. Hub and Elder Child snagged tickets, but little one and I will just be wandering the fair and listening for Smokey.

Hook 'em!

GandaMan said...

I'll be at the game Saturday enjoying a Longhorn victory, several beers, and enough fried food to blow the lid off my cholesterol. Win or lose (and I predict a 9 point victory), I will NOT be running.

David said...

That is not illogical. All that base mileage was drizzling right out of your left pinky toe.

Killer schedule. If they win there'll be no argument about the BCS Champ Game.

DawnB said...

now I know why tjmaxx have so many Texas Longhorns tee's. I bought a couple that says Propetty of Texas Longhorns" "go Longhorns"

jeanne said...

ackkkk go back to running!

Anne said...

I hope they beat Oklahoma this weekend.

Black Knight said...

Very soon I will enjoy my favourite sport too: rugby. In February the 6NAtions begins and I have the subscription for all the matches of the Azzurri in Italia and the tickets for the magic Murrayfield in Scotland.

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