Saturday, May 16, 2009

Base Runner

It rained buckets last night. Windy too. I could see our trees in the backyard struggling mightily and noisily to stay grounded. Today's run is going to suck, I thought to myself, and went back to sleep.

At 6:30, half an hour after my alarm went off, I got up and looked outside. It was barely drizzling, quiet, overcast, with low gray clouds drifting slowly across the sky. It was just beginning to brighten.

Since starting back up in April, I've run a couple three times a week, 4 miles each time. Long(er) run on the weekend, maybe 5 or 6 miles. Last weekend I busted out and did 12. I planned to do it again this weekend.

I set out just before 7:00 and headed south, carrying $20 and 1 GU.

At mile 3.83, I ran alongside a wooden fenced-in backyard and heard a dog barking inside. If you know dogs, there's barking, and then there's barking - you know when something doesn't sound right. I peeked between the fence cracks and saw a German Shepard running back and forth, and a Chocolate Lab hanging onto the side of the pool with only 2 front paws out on the deck. I went to the front of the house and saw lights on inside; how could they not hear what was going on? On the other side of the house, the fence gate wasn't locked, but I wasn't sure about the German Shepard. I rang the doorbell. No answer. Maybe they left early. I knocked. A normal looking lady in a black dress answered.

"I think your dog fell into the pool"

She disappeared quickly and then I heard the barking stop. I went back to the fence and saw both dogs running along. Our Daisy fell into our pool once and it was not a good thing. That Lab owes today to you Daisy.

At mile 5, it starting raining. Then pouring. Instead of making for a crappy run, it was awesome! I sped up and clicked of the next few miles no problem. Running in the rain, I always remember back to Tampa, running in an exhilarating downpour.

I also spit less when it rains.

I never used to spit when running, until I ran this 20K with Susan. 5 minutes into my first run with her, she lets out a nice-sized dollop. It reminded me of the thing glass blowers start with to blow giant vases. 6 minutes into my first run with her, she mutters an apology and something about growing up on a farm. Ever since, I've had uncontrollable urges to spit while running.

Somewhere past mile 7, S&S&S drove by on their way out. They offered to give me a ride out of the rain but this was too much fun to give up! I got a bottle of water, took my GU, and moved on.

Google Maps had measured it at 12.2 miles using the highway, but at 11.19 miles, I met up with S&S&S at my destination - the 2009 Dallas Arthritis Walk. We've known Emily Z since she and our 7-th graders were in kindergarten. She has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and we've attended this walk the past few years. It's now an annual ritual and we're happy to support her - she was even the "Walk Hero" this year!

12 miles last week, 11 this week. I think my base is coming back.


Deene said...

good call on ringing the doorbell and saving a dog.
funny about the spitting.

David said...

Yeah, bro. You can do it. Pound those wet miles. I see a long race in your future.

San Diego Events said...

Deene is write. Funny about spitting.

peter said...

Good going, Rich! Situational awareness, I highly recommend it. And action, there's no substitute for that. I'm proud to know you, sailor.

Anne said...

Did the lady in black thank you for saving her dog's life? That was such a good call. Glad to see you're still at it and upping that mileage steadily. You are upping it steadily, right?!

Black Knight said...

And how did that lady in black thank you for saving her dog's life?
I remember a very nice Uriah Heep's song named "Lady in Black". The inspiration was an unknown lady.

TX Runner Mom said...

Wow, that's great that you saved that poor dog! Great run too!