Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Knee Upgrade to B-

Exactly 2 weeks off since my last run, and I've waited as long as I can to rest my knee. Decided not to pound the pavement, so I tried it out indoors on the hotel treadmill. 3-ish miles at a pedestrian pace and all looks good so far. Yes!

My runner friend and veteran of various marathons and the Hood-to-Coast relay, who has "seen it all" in terms or runner ailments, warned me not to push it too fast too soon. I'll take his advice and ease back into the running slowly.

Another runner friend who is an OBGYN strongly recommended acupunture! This office is so close to my home, I could run there in about 3 minutes. I might give the needles a try just for grins - it can't hurt, can it? Anyone else tried this?

In other news, I've discovered yet some more restaurants in NYC. One is the dubiously named Yum Yum Thai restaurant at 44th and 9th, and right across the street from them is an Indonesian restaurant I tried tonight called Bali Nusa Induh. I thought both were pretty decent. But the piece de resistance discovery was a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown near Baxter and Canal called Jaya. Extremely spicy! I could've used a towel to dry off after my run ... uh, my meal!


susie said...

I am a firm believer in slow and steady when it comes to recovering. I haven't tried acupuncture, but I have to say I am interested. Keep us posted on that.

Josh said...

I've not tried acupuncture but my wife is keen on it. And you're right to take it slow on the come back.

If you like Mexican, Arriba Arriba has good cheap food and is in Hells Kitchen area. For a real Mexican treat (it's a little expensive - but worth it) try Rosa Mexicano.

Anne said...

I know a couple of runners who've tried acupuncture for injuries, with mixed results. But it's hard to tell for the disappointed if it was the treatment or their inpatience that caused the failure. Your friend is correct -- take it easy and slowly until you are 100%.

TriSaraTops said...

I've heard some good things about acupuncture, too! Interesting...let us know how it goes if you try it!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, too! :)

Deene said...

taking it easy and lots of rest seems to work well. Next time I visit NYC I'll have to take a list of your restaurant reviews with me.

katesun said...

Hey I saw your post on TMS. I have a friend who was having the worst ankle pain she was a runner and ended up in a wheel chair for
2 years , went to every doc imaginable. Noone could figure it out . One even told her she should amputate her feet and get fake feet!! then she heard of this book
It's called Healing Back Pain, The Mind Body Connection by John Sarno. Within a day she was walking . today she runs in Central Park everyday ! True story.

Susan said...

I have tried acupuncture - and am a firm believer!

E-Speed said...

easing back in is the way to go.

aack needles terrify me!

Rae said...

I would love to try acupuncture sometime, I'm not a huge fan of needles but they don't look like the mean tetanus needles! You should try it and report back!

Chuck said...

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