Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We're All Adult Runners

But some are more adult than others. Anne tells us that "one in five employees currently use company resources to look up porn, gamble online, check on their favorite sports, read personal e-mail, shop on eBay and hook up through an online dating service."

Perhaps they were like me last night, when I had to use the hotel's business computer since I left my laptop charger at work. If you had 3 guesses as to whose RBF blog I was denied entry to because the hotel's content filter slammed it into the "Adult Category", would it be:

Runner Susan,
Breaking The Tape, or
Lick This!

And the winner is ...?


susie said...


Flatman said...

Susan for sure!!!

E-Speed said...

Agreed it was Susan!

jeanne said...

Um, that's a toughie. I pick--Susan!

Rae said...

That is so funny! Maybe lick this, but my guy says Susan!

Susan said...

OMG - I just saw this - so funny.

Anonymous said...

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