Thursday, October 04, 2007

Is It Friday Yet?

I think I hit a new low this morning as I boarded my 6:50 am flight in Chicago, and it was already my 2nd flight of the day. I was in transit from Indianapolis to Washington DC, where I landed, went to the client, spent 2 hours enduring a royal a$$-chewing on behalf of the mother ship corporation, left, and flew back home. At least I can take comfort in knowing that the problems pre-dated my involvement, but being the person called upon to clean up someone else's mess didn't do much to make me less of an easy target.

My trips this week weren't all bad. I had an 8 mile EZ run on the schedule for Wednesday, and my hotel in Indianapolis came with a free pass to the gym next door. Since I neither own a treadmill nor belong to a gym, I rarely run on a treadmill, and completing 8 miles on one last night is probably an indoor distance record for me!

By the time I finished, I was famished. After a shower, I drove around looking for something reasonably acceptable and ended up at Panera Bread, where I had this conversation when placing my order:

Me: How big is this crispani thing?

She: Um, it's pretty big. I think it's enough to like feed 2 people.

Me: Oh (pause)

She: (sensing my hesitation) ... but I think you can probably finish it ...

Me: Actually, I was thinking it's not going to be enough!

I ended with a BBQ chicken crispani, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and an ice tea. For the record, I couldn't finish the darn thing.


Anne said...

Did she laugh or just look at you all wide-eyed when you said that about the crispani?!

David said...

Better to eat what's right and not what's left; which is better than not having enough to eat in the first place.

jeanne said...

geeze, can't they chew out your ass over the phone? via the internet? some people!

i've been eating nonstop this week. I guess I think i'll be burning calories in sunday's 10 miler. Like oh, 100,000 of them.

peter said...

Ahh, trying to eat on the road. It's a dance.

Bex said...

I sympathize with you on ordering food. After I've run 8 miles or more, I'm so hungry I could demolish several "all-you-can-eat" salad bars.

Re eating on the road: When I was in Kansas City, I ate at a Blimpies every day for 7 days straight. I do not recommend this.

Deene said...

I always wanted to about Panera's menu, now i know. chicken soup sounds good as i'm hungry now. hope your training is going well.