Sunday, July 01, 2007


Ever since I didn't get into NYC, I've been struggling with which marathon to sign up for. When I didn't get in last year, I signed up immediately for Marine Corps, and ended up doing that and White Rock. I don't think I want to do either again this year - there aren't that many marathon miles in this old body to go around the circuit twice!

So here's the list of candidates and reasons for running them. They're all in the US, which means 25K American Aadvantage miles if I have to fly there (35K if Hawaii), or close enough to drive if in Texas.
  • 12/1/07 Memphis - BBQ! wet ribs baby!
  • 12/2/07 Vegas - it's now or never, time to do my Running Elvis thing?
  • 12/9/07 Honolulu - any reason to go back to the islands
  • 1/13/08 Disney - free room at my sister's place (I think)
  • 1/13/08 Houston - because it's there
  • 2/17/08 Austin - my alma mater

If I can get one in in December, I may just keep going and do another in January/February. Maybe I'm over-engineering this thing, but I've also got a few reasons to not do some of the races above. The message boards on Marathon Guide really ripped the Vegas race organizer a new one for inept execution; it's got me concerned enough to pass on it this year until they get their act together. I also know Disney is a pretty boring course too outside of the parks, but it is what it is; I'm not up for the Goofy challenge, but I wouldn't mind a Mickey Mouse medal.

Any suggestions about these races? Any ideas for others I should think about?


peter said...

I would never denigrate the WDWM, it IS boring between theme parks but five fantastic (short) vistas (back end loaded) in a marathon ain't bad (you'll never forget finishing at Epcot, or running through the castle). Also very well done (the knock against the LVM). But my vote is for Houston (flat). You'll crush it, Rich. Not that I've ever run it.

Runner Susan said...

I think I'm doing the White Rock Half and the Austin full mara. At least that's my plan right now. I ran Austin 3 years ago and it was a fun one.

I'm still not sure about Thurs morning, but I will know tomorrow monring.

Jess said...

I ran Disney in January and it was fun. Nice, flat course. But aside from the popular belief that there's lots to see, there's relaly not. When you're in the parks, yeah, it's awesome, but on the road between parks, kinda blah. However, the event has a great vibe and I had a lot of fun.

Deene said...

sounds like you have a few choices, i guess now it depends on your preferences when it comes to how challenging the course is.

David said...

you can stay here if you do Disney but I am still trying to get you in NYC.

jeanne said...

i hear all the (other) cool KIDS are doing chicago.

what, does david have nyc connections? is he gonna have vito break some heads together?!?

Bex said...

I, too, was thinking about doing the Vegas marathon. Then I read the reviews and said, "Hmm. Maybe next year." But I still am considering doing the Vegas Half-Marathon just for fun. I'm "Eh" on Disney. Not a great course and beaucoup expensive. Don't know much at all about the TX marathons, though I love Austin and you get to run right up to the capitol, I believe.

I'm seriously considering doing the Silicon Valley marathon on Nov. 4. It's a small to medium-size marathon. So it won't have the hype that MCM and NYC have. But it'll be in California, so I won't have to travel, too, too far. And the course runs on paved trails, which will be nice. But I'm still looking for other marathons in case there are better ones, too.

Bex said...

Okay, the more I think about the Honolulu marathon, I think, "What a great idea." Much more exciting than the Silicon Valley marathon. And I, too, have been dreaming of ways to get back to Hawaii. I briefly considered doing the Maui Marathon, which is in mid-September. But it would be way too soon. The only thing that makes me hesitate on the Honolulu marathon is the heat and the humidity.

susie said...

I can't give you advice on marathons, but based on the comments, I'd run with one of the RBFers. Much more fun!

Anne said...

If you've got the time, funds and frequent flyer miles, I'd recommend Honolulu. I agree that Disney's boring for 3/4 of the course. Too much time on service roads and they don't even let your family into the parks to cheer.

There's also Richmond. I did it twice and thought it was great, and that was when the course was a lot tougher than it is now.

Rae said...

We're doing Memphis half in December. We did it two years ago and loved it. It's not overcrowded and the St Jude kids are out on the course supporting and that tears your heart out. The food afterwards is unbelievable. And you would get to party on Beale Street after with us!!

Old School Runner said...

Everyone (including me) seems wary of Vegas because of the fiasco last year. Honolulu is big and hot. How about Rocket City (December)? I'm thinking about Napa Valley in March. Nothing like a glass of wine after 26.2 miles!

JustJunebug said...

The Austin course this past year took several of my buddies out of running contention for some time. Much tougher course than its ever been!

I vote for Houston. Flat, flat, flat and TONS of spectators all along the way. I did it this past January and had the time of my life. Doing it again Jan 13, 2008!