Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time To Move Along

Thank you all for your kind words and comments to my last post. From the time she first came home with us, Shari had been so much a part of the family for so long. It was very difficult last week, but it's much better now and we're moving along.

I tried running last week and it helped a little. It's been hot and muggy here when it's not actually pouring rain. I ran yesterday morning at 6:30 am and I almost couldn't even get through my usual 4 mile jaunt through the neighborhood. Marathon indecision is still ... undecided. I guess I'm waiting for divine intervention to show me the sign for Honolulu or Memphis or Disney or something!

On the good news front, I've discovered, well, good news. I've long since stopped paying attention to TV news, but it seems even online news is now just full of bad news. Doesn't anything good happen anymore? Well it does. Google "good news" and voila! Good News Network. It's a refreshing change.


Bex said...

Hi Rich, good to hear from you. I know how you felt about Shari. I feel the same way about Nelson. People thought we were crazy to drive across the country with our dog because we didn't want to put him in the cargo hold of a plane to get to California. But he's a member of the family, and I would feel terrible if anything happened to him.

Re marathons: I've finally settled on the two I am going to run this fall/winter.

peter said...

That's a nice site (Good News) you have shown us. I never thought to Google "good news" before, I guess I thought the google search would come up with no results. I like the clip about the Phillies players rescuing the Rockies' ground crew from a blowing billowing giant tarp in heavy winds (the tarp blew over the top of some of them). The TV announcer cynically ascribed it to the Phillies beiing ahead and wanting the tarp laid down so the game could resume later, but they were obviously on a rescue mission.

Ginger Breadman said...

sorry to find out about your dog, that's never an easy thing. I'm glad you're moving through it, and hopefully laughing at the great memories you have.

jeanne said...

hey, you should visit my site some day. it's NOTHING BUT good news!

glad you got some running in. I can't really relate, but I can.

Anne said...

It's amazing that you're dodging impromptu ponds while I'm watching wildfires near my house. Good ol' global warming.

David said...

Jeanne and the Good News Network have nothing in common. Maybe the Smoking Gun.

Josh said...

Maybe set up a poll and let your faithful readers pick your marathon?


And thanks for linking to the Good News Network. Thats awesome! I'd much rather read GNN than CNN.