Friday, November 09, 2007

San Antonio Francisco

Fall is usually a very short season here in Texas. One day it's summer-blazing hot, then it rains like a monsoon for a few days, then Fall is over. This year, it can't make up it's mind. Half the leaves on my trees are already rotting in the pool, while the other half steadfastly clings on. I don't have the stomach to clean it up until everything has come down. And some neighbors have the nerve to put up Christmas lights already. Amazing.

My morning runs this week have been bone-chilling refreshing. I've been comfortable in shorts, but double layered on top and with gloves to boot (to boot, he he).

Memphis is coming up fast, but first, I have a few trips to make. Vegas again next week, then short trips to Pittsburgh and Minneapolis. American Airlines has an annual Road Warrior contest. The rules change every year, and it's never about the total miles flown. This year it's about pictures. They've chosen five finalists. Go vote for this guy - I'm glad it's a good enough idea that there's at least two of us doing it!

While I was fooling around with my travel pictures, I put a couple of them together and stumbled upon this. Different cities, different dates, perfectly aligned. San Antonio Francisco. Weird huh?


Anonymous said...

Our weather here is crazy like that! I do love the crisp mornings with shorts long sleeves and gloves too :)

Anne said...

You need to move to San Diego, where you get fined by the HOA for putting up Christmas lights before Thanksgiving weekend.

We're experiencing the ups and downs of "fall" and I just live for the downs. Sounds like you do too.

jeanne said...

why do i want to vote for brad dupray? why aren't i voting for you?
i'm so confused!