Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Left Brain's Connected To The Right Knee

But the right brain should've taken over. Why did I think today would be a good day to break in a new pair of shoes? Race day is a month away, and the old pair has faithfully done it's thing. Tomorrow is a half mary tune-up, but before that, an 8-mile pace run today. Not so.

At half a mile, my right knee started hurting. At one mile, my left shin started hurting. At one and a half miles, I finally decided this was all connected from the left shin to the right knee to the new shoes. I bagged the run and walked home. It's still early, I'll get my run in sometime today.

In other "exciting" news - I recently "discovered" this website. Those "English Lit" majors or aspiring "journalists" (and some "real" ones) among you might get a chuckle or two out of it.


jeanne said...

new shoes=very "scary."

that site is hilarious!

peter said...

I got a "chuckle" out of that sight. Who knew that such a "problem" existed. Hope you got your "run" in. It was a perfect fall day and I got in an hour run (6.7M) thinking about those "toiling away" in NYC.