Thursday, May 31, 2007


It is just past 7:00 am as I sit down to write this. I’m counting my blessings as I look over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of West Maui. From my hotel balcony, I can see, hear, and smell the ocean. I can see past the manicured lawns of a little Hawaiian Wedding Chapel, where S. has taken the three little S’s for morning yoga by the beach. I can see runners on the beach, and along a path that connects several hotels here in Wailea. I don’t envy them, I don't wish I was down there too, 'cause I've already beaten them to it :-)

There was a brilliant full moon reflecting off the otherwise dark ocean when I got up at 4:30. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I quietly changed and left the room just past 5:00. It took a while to make my way downstairs and out, and I was just steps away from the sand when I noticed the moon dip below the horizon. Being on the west side, I won't see much of a sunrise, but I've never seen a "moonset" before; I made a note to try again tomorrow. This is a shot instead of Haleakala in the distance, the top still covered in clouds, no doubt already filled with eager but frigid tourists waiting to catch their moment of a Hawaiian sunrise above the clouds.
I ran north towards Kihei, staying on the beach as much as possible, and moving onto the concrete pathway only when I had to. The tide was low, and the waves crashed slowly and lazily onto the sand. I kept an eye out for seashells, which we collect in glass jars to mark our family vacations, but this area was completely free of any. After a couple of miles, from Wailea Beach, to Mokapu Beach, to Ulua Beach, the sand and the pathway ended at Keawakapu Beach.
Going back south, I ran past my hotel and kept on going. I had to stay on the pathway as there wasn't any beach to run on past the next hotel down. One more hotel after that, the pathway itself ended and I turned onto a residential street headed towards Makena. That didn't last long because of the road looking like this ... the street signs here don't say "limited sight distance" ahead, they say "NO sight distance" ahead! Not really runner friendly, is it?
I turned around one more time and headed home. The sunrise in the east started to make its presence felt, and there were a few more early birds making their way out. I ended my run back on Wailea Beach, the way I dreamed about doing months ago, alone in the water, floating along, pushed by the waves, staring at the blue sky above.
On a lighter note before I go, here's a special something from paradise for you ladies out there. Squeeze those cheeks and say "cheese"!


peter said...

Huh? I'm still trying to figure out this Blue Moon thing in May and then you describe a moonset & a ... ummm, wedding chapel.

I ran on the beach in Miami Beach, til I discovered it's much easier to run on the boardwalk. Runnin' on sand is hard! But runnin' in Hawaii sounds great, even if you're there for work.

massoman said...

idyllic! what a great place to run...and do yoga.

Runner Susan said...

Wow - how gorgeous! I'm new now - resub me at

jkrunning said...

I love the shot with the running shoes at the beach.

Enjoy your vacation. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and I miss it so much.

David said...

I guess I am going to have to come out there and experience Hawaii for myself someday. Very nicccccce.

jeanne said...

I just want you to know that i really really hate you.

have a nice day!

Rae said...

How heavenly!!!! Enjoy your vacay!

Black Knight said...

I want to go there!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Deene said...

lovely pictures. thanks for sharing.