Wednesday, November 08, 2006


In my continuing adventure to the world's most exotic locales, I find myself in ... Cincinnati, OH :-0

Arrived late last night, and the first thing I did from my hotel room was check out the city below. From my 14th floor window, I could see the Ohio River separating us from Kentucky. Lots of bridges. Football stadium to the right, baseball stadium to the left. Lots of space down by the river. Looks like good running room.

At 06:00 this morning, I stepped out of the hotel and directly onto the corner of 6th and Race Street. Appropriate or what? It was quiet and quite deserted, but I did see two other runners. 6 EZ miles to do today. Better get started.

I ran down towards the river, barely a half mile away. The closest bridge was the Roebling Suspension Bridge, built in 1866. As I approached the bridge, there was a sign indicating the bridge would close next week for a year of repairs. As soon as stepped onto it, I couldn't shake the thought that I hoped it wasn't closing for fear of crumbling into the river below. It made me pick up the pace just a touch.

I crossed over into Kentucky, which was totally anti-climatic. I was now in Covington, KY. I made my way to the next bridge downriver (or upriver?), and crossed over the Taylor Southgate Bridge back into Cincinnati. This one was built in 1995, thankfully.

With 3 more miles to go, I ran up and down along a park laid out by the riverfront. It probably would have been picturesque if I could see it all, but all I saw was the glow from street lamps along the path I ran. Turning back up and away from the river, I ran a few more blocks around downtown to get in my 6 miles.

Tomorrow is another 5 EZ miles. I hope I can handle the excitement.


Deene said...

that's great to hit two states on foot in one morning!

Anonymous said...

LOL - Very exotic!

The it is a good looking bridge though.

Bex said...

That run doesn't sound bad at all. And lovely bridge! Bridges are good - give you a little hill workout, right?!

jeanne said...

you go girlfriend.

Just12Finish said...

Thanks so much Jeanne - that means a lot to me :)

Rae said...

You should come and do the Pig in May, you run back and forth from downtown Cincy into KY and then back. It really was a ton of fun last year and GREAT race swag!

David said...

I love exploratory runs in cities I have never run. There was this route in Virginia and the District I came across last month you should try. It started out near this famous cemetery, crossed two bridges and went by a lot of historic buildings and monuments. Maybe you've heard of the route? I can't remember its name.

Running Rabbit said...

WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE?? You were in Cincy and did NOT bother to look up the Hare? I feel hurt...**sniffle sniffle** :-(