Thursday, November 30, 2006

24 Hour Delay

No running today. Overnight freezing rain. Woke to a gloomy, windy, cloudy morning. Touch of sleet mid-morning. High of 31F all day.

Terrible running weather, but if you're in 5th grade, it's perfect for staying outside all afternoon freezing your buns off. That's my Samantha on the right with her 2 buddies and a stranger.

Tomorrow's high will be 49F. Perfect make-up day for a run. I'm right on track with my training mileage, and I'm not going to tempt fate at this late stage by missing out on a run.

To think just last Saturday I squeezed out one last run of the season running without a shirt. Now, 49F sounds perfectly balmy!


Deene said...

cute photo!

Anne said...

Yes, very cute picture and a good reminder that not everyone groans when they hear it's snowing. I still can't believe you're running another marathon so soon. But you sound ready, Rich.

Anonymous said...

Great picture! And very nice-looking snowman, too. Glad to hear that you're keeping up with your training runs.

You're going to rock White Rock.

Anonymous said...

Snow? We were walking around without coats in 75 degree weather. Dontcha miss DC??
Good work on the training, Rich

David said...

your daughter is cute as can be. must take after Mom.

Rae said...

Love the pic!! It's no fair that you guys got snow!! It's not supposed to snow in Texas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pic.

49 sounds pretty good to me.

jeanne said...

where the heck do you live?! I thought you said TEXAS! Why don't WE have snow?? NO FAIR.

you have a beautiful daughter...and the snowman is pretty cute too!