Thursday, November 02, 2006

Elite Company

RBF Dinner: (l-r) David, me, David, Jeanne, Bex, Susie, Hallie, Peter

David and Susie

David and Jeanne

Hallie and Peter

Bex and Hallie

The &*#$^ paparazzi was everywhere!

RBF Lunch at Jaleo's: the gang with Michelle and her Dad (look at that ex-Marine stance!)

Post-race with my cousin Candace from D.C!


susie said...

Great photos and a great race for you, despite the last minute panic in the morning:) So good to meet you Rich. Stay in touch!!

Bex said...

Excellent photos! Love the shot of David with his camera. And I'm glad you made it to the race in time. Good thing Jeanne and David called you :-)

The RBF meet-ups continue .... Jeanne and I plan to drive south an hour into central VA and meet up with Susie and David for a Dec. 10 half-marathon, the Blue & Gray.

jeanne said...

Wow, those are some incredibly good-looking people!!!

Black Knight said...

I see very good photos of elite athletes! I would like to find a place among them after a marathon. Congrats for your PB.

Susan said...

Those are wonderful! I have that Half shirt you are wearing. Someday maybe we will run into each other at a race here in Dallas.

richiesgirls said...

Hello Daddy,

This is Stephanie and your blog is awesome, dude. I love you!

Deene said...

cool pics. thanks for sharing.