Monday, August 21, 2006

Property Irregularities May Affect Your Training Runs

At 7:07 am this morning, I left Dallas for Greensboro, North Carolina. My single checked-in bag did not.

Since TSA's new rules went into effect, I've flown twice, "won" one and lost one.

At 6:30 pm, my bag had not yet been delivered to my hotel. AA's baggage tracking system had no idea where the bag was, the local office was not answering calls, and the next and last flight in wouldn't arrive until 10:50 pm. It wasn't looking good for my training run tomorrow morning, unless I was going to run in rolled-up kakhis and dress shoes (+ black socks for that extra visual impact).

At 7:30 pm, on my way to the mall to buy a set of clothes for tomorrow, I decided to check in to the hotel first. Lo and behold, behind the registration desk was my bag. Incredible.

So, my training will continue uninterrupted for the moment. I'm beginning to really enjoy my Saturday pace runs, especially since I've started finishing them ahead of my target 9:09 pace. Nevertheless, while huffing and puffing through a 7 mile pace run, I keep wishing I was doing a slow relaxed LSD run instead. Then Sunday happens, and while plodding along in my 15 mile LSD run, I keep wishing I could just speed up and get this thing over with! Dream on.


Bex said...

Glad you finally got your luggage! That's a nightmare of mine. In fact, I'm heading to CA for some R&R this Friday, and I've decided to actually mail a few toiletries that I don't want or cannot buy where I'll be.

At what pace do you run your LSD runs?

Also, thanks for weighing in on the iPod issue!

Josh said...

"Property Irregularities"? They should call it what it is:

"Whoops, we lost your bags! Sorry!"

Glad you got your things back in time to go for a run.