Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Day Before NYC

9:00 AM

Just got back from an easy final 2-miler to Central Park and back. It was awesome. The city is so alive and vibrant. Central Park was brimming with activity, all hustle and bustle. The streets were wet, it was cool low 60's, and the trees were awash in yellows and reds. The baricades and signs were all up for tomorrow, volunteers were going through their checks, people were running all over the place. It looked busier than some real races I've run. I ran through the finish line, visions of glory and all that ...

1:00 PM

For 37,000+ runners, the Expo was expertly run. Free shuttles from Midtown to the Javits Convention Center. Walk right in - zero wait to pick up your bib. Asics is the main sponsor, good looking LS tech shirt this year. All the major brands were there, as well as Goose:

7:50 PM

I'm carbed up and rested. Settling in for Tex - OK St kickoff in 10 mins. Alarm is set for 5:00 am tomorrow. Have to make the 6:15 Staten Island ferry.


Runner Susan said...

Congrats, Rich! You were awesome! Will you pace me next year?

David said...

Looks like you were Maverick this time big fella. No crash and burn this time.
It's been since Disney that you went full again? Wow.
If you're going to pace Susan, let her pace you from the start. It worked for me in NYC in 2007 and I PRed. (She puts a bridle on you and keeps you at a reasonable pace, plus the fans all scream for her and she stops to sign autographs).

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