Friday, October 30, 2009

Back in NYC!

477 miles of training later, I'm finally back in NYC! That's about 80 miles short of plan, but I've been perfect the last 2 months and I feel great.

Flew up today and while I was putting my bag in the overhead, the lady behind asked if I was going up for the marathon. She said I "looked like I was" - hey, that's a good sign! Then the guy who ended up in my row asked if I was running the marathon too. He said "I looked like a runner" - another good sign! I'm feeling good vibes all over.

I took the train in from Newark to New York Penn Station, then the subway to my hotel in Midtown. Took a few minutes to get used to the faster pace in NYC. Subway back down to Chinatown for dinner, and bought some bakery items back for snacks. I've semi-consciously started to carb up. One hour past dinner and 2 of my 3 snacks are gone already! I've also been drinking lots of water.

Tomorrow's a day to take it easy. Happy Halloween to everyone!


TxTriSkatemom said...

Good luck! Enjoy the sights and sounds and the spectacle that is the NYC marathon. Save me my spot for next year!!

jeanne said...

Good luck! Kick some marathon ass!

peter said...

Rich who?

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