Sunday, August 24, 2008

Susan Smoked Me

My legs still hurt from this morning's race. I ran with Susan, both of us using this as a training run, she for Chicago and me because my coach said so. I was under strict orders to stay under a HR in the 160's or so.

We were good for the first half of the half, doing it in 1:02, pretty much on pace, HR below 160. I had to drop back after that, and Susan kept getting further and further in front until I pretty much lost sight of her. From miles 7 to 11 I ran-walked to keep the HR in the "or so" zone.

At the mile 11 marker I said %#*@-it and took off. I started passing people, maybe about 30 or 40 of them. It took almost all of 2 miles to catch up to Susan, but I did, and I finished one step behind her. Unofficially, 2:16:00.

Thanks Susan for dragging me* out there - the company was excellent!

* Beware the revisionist posting over at Susan's world of make-believe blog


DawnB said...

congratulations to both of you. We had a race here we use to call the 10k summer sizzler you get the idea.

Runner Susan said...

world of make-believe blog? Seriously Rich, whatcha been smoking. Oh wait, that was me passing you.

You did great yesterday Rich. Thank you so much for running with me. And thanks for running the Tour de Fleurs 20k with me too. Your dedication is to running in very special.

Kevin said...

Dude, that is some pretty good base-building you did. And it was a scorcher.

David said...

wait ... you had to catch up to Susan?!?!!? I hope she doesn't bring those stupid plates with her to Chicago.

peter said...

This low HR thing--can you come to DC and run in that monthly Tidal Basin 3K? You know, the one I write about where the 71 y.o. beats me and I'm always in the last quartile even at my 7:00 pace? I'd like to beat someone!

TxTriSkatemom said...

wow. how early did y'all have to start? it's ridiculous hot by 8:00 am, so it must have been early.

impressive times, though. good job! are you doing a Labor Day race? I *thought* about FWRC but I haven't done 9 miles in about three months.