Saturday, August 30, 2008


Nastia Liukin had a victory parade this morning in her hometown of Parker, TX. She trains at her dad's gym in Plano, so I figured Parker must be reasonably close but I wasn't sure where it is, until ... duh, 100m from my front door is none other than Parker Road. We're on the west side of Plano, so follow the road to East Plano, then beyond that to Parker, about 30-40 mins away. It's also where Southfork Ranch is.

We missed the morning parade, but Nastia was going to be at JC Penney in the afternoon from 2-4PM. We've already met one all-around gold medalist, and were looking forward to another. We got to the mall at 1:20PM and there was no way we were going to get in line, not with at least 1,000 people in line already. With only a 2 hour window, I didn't think the line would make it all the way. So we decided to just hang out and take pictures when she showed up:

There might have been a few bruised elbows and trampled toes to get those pics, but at least no clothing racks fell over!

In post-Olympic news, there was another track meet last week, the Weltklasse Z├╝rich, and it was nice to see some US athletes win what they missed in Beijing:

- 100M Hurdles Lolo Jones (Olympic 7th)
- 200M (W) Allison Felix (Olympic Silver)
- 400M (M) Jeremy Wariner (Olympic Silver)
- 400M (W) Sanya Richards (Olympic Bronze)

You know, another thing bugs me about sports coverage. The Olympics were a huge hit for NBC, averaging 27.7 million viewers per night. The biggest draws for them - gymnastics, swimming, and track and field. Night after night, hands down, no contest. How many world-class gym meets, swim meets, and track meets do you think we'll see between now and 2012?




Runner Susan said...

you know all the famous people!

Deene said...

I bet your girls were thrilled to be breathing the same air as Olympians!
Thank you so very much for your contribution to my cause. god bless.

Rae said...

How cool! She looks SO tiny.

I don't think I've EVER seen swimming meets on TV. And rarely track. I have them as TiVo keywords and never get returns.

Anne said...

It's all about money, Rich. Sad, but true. And how cool to have a bona fida gold medalists so close by. I'd have gone for the photo over the autograph too.

Black Knight said...

They came to visit you and not the contrary. Did you sign any autograph?

peter said...

Cool pictures of Nastia. She looked so imperious and big at the Olympics, but she is small and friendly looking here. Those were quite the Olympic shows that she & Shawn put on!