Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pick Wisely

My first instinct after NYC's 3rd strike was to sign up immediately for a replacement marathon, like I did in 2006 (MCM) and 2007 (Memphis + Disney). I needed an outlet, something to focus on, anything. Only one problem - my LHR training - had yet to deliver the goods and was stuck in a bad rut. I did some soul searching and decided I had 2 options:

1. Suck it up and just run another fall marathon = probable Disney crash 'n burn sequel
2. Suck it up and re-commit to LHR training = possible early 2009 marathon PR

I picked #2, got in touch with my friend B. who first introduced me to LHR training, and he agreed to train me if I agree to put in the effort - no cheating on schedules, put in the miles, stay on pace, work within the HR. He gave me a new LHR training plan, mixing up different runs at different heart rates.

So my next marathon won't be until 2009. Big deal. If there's a PR at the end of that wait, I'm all in baby!


peter said...

In my line of work we call that a reload.

DawnB said...

can you tell us more about this LHR training. I'm about to begin a new plan.

Anne said...

Well, they do say the best things come to those who wait -- right?

Josh said...

There is a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indiana drinks from the correct chalice and the guardian says "You have chosen wisely."

Good luck!

Deene said...

sounds like a plan to me. cool!

Rae said...

That sounds like a great plan and a little time will probably help you want to do the marathon more!

So where are you leaning towards? Something Spring 09 like April/May? Or earlier?

Sunshine said...

Good luck and wishing you good choices.