Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disney - The 2nd Half

After David drifted off, it was just me and the 2nd half. The next ten 1-mile segments pretty much went like this:

1. Run
2. Don't walk, don't walk, don't walk
3. Where's the #*&^!(! water stop already?
4. Do the marathon shuffle
5. Stumble into water stop

6. Drink 2 of whatever they're offering
7. Walk to end of water stop

8. Bite down and go back to #1

This method took me through the Animal Kingdom and several miles of primo Disney highway. Despite not having any cramps, and not walking except through the water stops, I steadily lost pace all the way up to mile 23.

At mile 23, in the middle of Disney Hollywood Studios, the crowd really started coming on, and I decided it was time. Just suck it up and keep running. I picked up the pace, ever so barely, from this point on.

The crowd, the pavement, the boardwalk, the traffic cones, it was all beginning to be just a blur. Finally we turned the corner into EPCOT, and I knew we were close. A mile and change to go! But.so.brutal. We started running around the main circular lagoon, which looked as big as the Pacific Ocean from what my mind registered. You could see tiny people the size of ants running clear across the other side of the lagoon, and every time I looked across, it seemed like I wasn't getting any closer. I thought the damn thing would NEVER end.

Finally we get off the lagoon and we're almost under the EPCOT silver globe thing, and the end has to be around here somewhere. I'm way beyond running on fumes by now. Note to self: next time pay attention - you saw the Finish area at 5:30 am this morning - it's not INSIDE Epcot, but OUTSIDE Epcot. So, a bazillion turns later through myriad "Cast Member Access" only pathways, we eventually get to the finish line.

After collecting my medal and blanket, I stumbled to the curb and sat down for a few minutes, ok, maybe several. I was a bit nauseous, ok, maybe a lot nauseous, and I wasn't about to risk standing up! Some officials half heartedly asked us to move on "as soon as we were ready". Eventually I did, and went through the drill - pick up more Powerade, a couple of tangerines, and got my picture taken.

I went outside to the meetup area, and David, patience of Job, found me after a few minutes. We chatted for awhile, during which I swore off marathons for a long long time. It was late in the morning and we were now baking in the middle of a large converted parking lot. We said our goodbyes, David headed to the monorail to pick up his car, and I headed out to my parking lot, where I promptly spent 20 minutes and another mile looking for my sister's silver SUV which I parked 100 yards from the finish. Go figure.


Runner Susan said...

So, you wanna run Cowtown wi†h me?

peter said...

Hey, I got a picture of me running away from the dinosaur too, in 2006. I never ever saw it and went, huh? when I saw it. There were dinosaurs in there? I had to go back a year later as a paying customer and find it. It was there alright. and then I got to looking at the Matterhorn and saying, At least I remember that. So I rode the Matterhorn and found out it was constructed in 2007! Your mind plays incredible tricks on you in the late teens and early 20s of marathons. But I am very impressed you didn't walk (water stop shuffle doesn't count, don't want to spill and get your shirt wet!). Hot day, not good. Congratulations, you did very well!

David said...

It was the best of times and the worst of times. Well, maybe not the best time but a time I would suffer for.

kakak (burong) said...

aiyo adik, lu mesti-lah orang gila! saya bacha lu punya blog say pun mau mati! orang sehat2 mau jadi orang pengsan2. chelaka.. bazillion tahun saya pun tak faham apa fikiran-mu..tapi congrats yah!

jeanne said...

You're so funny! I read ahead so I see that even tho' you've sworn off marathons...NOT!

I can relate to your 1-2-3 methodology. Great job resisting walking! That is HARD!

and i love your description of the lagoon. ha!

for all that you went through, you look pretty darn good, and happy, at the end.

Well written! and Well done!

Rae said...

I always hate when you can see the finish line a million miles away!! Sometimes it's better just to be surprised. They really do have a lot of cool photo ops there, don't they!! Great job in what looked to be one muggy marathon! And unlike last people here I have survived (and loved) swearing off running a marathon for a year....10 months down and 2 to go!

Running Jayhawk said...

I heard it was hot and humid that day! But you did great. Way to pick up the pace at the end, even if it was ever so slowly.

You know the Chicago mary registration opens up in a few days!! Give it a go. ;)