Saturday, January 26, 2008

Carpe Diem

I was inspired by Spirit of the Marathon to finish my 2-week break and start running again. The weather and my warm bed conspired to stretch the break one more day.

By 8:00-ish, I was out driving the kids to their weekend activities, and I saw a few brave souls pounding the pavement, misty-breathed, fighting the chill. I've been there done that so many times myself, and I'll bet so have many of you, yet why did feel a tinge of regret that I'm not out there in the elements too? All runners are masochists.

My last marathon training took me from July 07 to January 08. For the first time since last summer, I'm:

a. Not stuffing myself at every meal
b. Back in cahoots with red wine - yay!


Runner Susan said...

Yay red wine.

My sister & mom are here until Thursday, how does you schedule look Friday?

Anne said...

It's funny because just last night I opened a bottle of red wine and thought of how wonderful it is to drink it guilt-free. And it is a bit weird how we actual feel jealous sometimes of people running in really bad weather,...maybe because we know how good it feels once the run's done.

peter said...

Do you notice, Rich, how when you drive by runners toiling away alongside the road you look at them with an appraising eye? At least I do. Hmm, slow pace, I could take him/her. Hmm, female, nice & slender, nice going! (thanks to running). Hmm, really chuffing, I wouldn't want to be trying to hold him/her off in the 3rd mile. Ah, running.

Jess said...

Soemtimes it's so nice to step away from training and just enjoy a relaxing pace of life.

Deene said...

did you really not imbibe during training? wow, that's dedication!

David said...

Yes,wine, spirits and hops are reportedly bad influences on one's race times but I would not know that from my own behavior. If I was chasing a BQ or close to winning an age group race, I'd be more serious.