Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time To Go

I made it back from Oakland w/o incident yesterday (unless you count waking up at 4:30 am for my flight), worked the remainder of the afternoon, came home, had dinner, and crashed for 12 hours! How's that for making sure I get enough sleep the night before the night before the race?

As the weather forecast predicted, it's warming up nicely here in Dallas. The sun was shining brightly when I went to the Expo this morning. Unlike MCM, there were no lines. You waltz right into a giant room at the Dallas Convention Center, look up your bib number on a bulletin board, walk up to one of 30+ volunteers at the registration counter, and get your bib and chip. Total time: less than 5 mins! Unbelievable.

Half the family unit is going for dinner with the in-laws to Fogo de Chao tonight. The non-carnivores, including me, are staying home. I'll aim for another early night tonight, to make sure I don't have a repeat performance of my MCM late start!

Others, on the other hand, will be living it up slumber party style! Bex - thanks for your optimistic/aggressive prediction of my time for tomorrow - no pressure :) My prediction? I predict that Jeanne, Bex, and Susie will pass out tonight from an excess of eggnog and baked cheetos, David will have to rouse them up and herd them to the Blue Gray starting line, and then they all win their age group! Whoa! What's in that eggnog again?!


Anonymous said...

Rich, we are sitting here trying to get motivated for the run tomorrow. No eggnog for us! Bex is going to pace us--Jeanne can't run because of her ITB, so she's going to take pics and cheer us on. We are full of pasta and hydrated, so it's game on.
Good, good luck tomorrow to you, too. We'll be thinking of you:)

David said...

Hope you did some white water rafting through the marathon. Bex is so demanding isn't she?
Write it up. I want to hear all about it.