Friday, February 10, 2006

This Dog Don't Hunt Below 32

I'm headed to NYC next week and was really looking forward to a change in running scenary. That is until I read Rae's weather report of a nice storm headed her way, and then further on up my way this weekend. Still, it's supposed to stop snowing and warm up by mid-week. That's a good thing because as much as I wish I am, I'm just not a suck-it-up-and get-out-there-in-the-freezing-cold runner. Hell, I don't even have any cold weather running gear! When it gets "cold" here in Texas, I wear two shirts and a pair of thin gloves to run - and if that's not warm enough, well, maybe I'll just head over to Fourbucks and have a nice 'ol cup of coffee instead!

Anywho, if it does warm up, any suggestions for a good running route starting in Midtown?


Anne said...

Where in Midtown? I was there last fall (near all the touristy stuff) and discovered Central Park was a lot closer than I expected, so I ran there. Hopefully, some NYC-based runners will fill you in on other options. And I was freaking about running in snow during my last trip and ended up loving it. But, yeah, it had to be 32 or above for me to do it!

Rae said...

It looks like NYC got some SNOW!! Actually it looks like fun, we hardly got anything at all.