Monday, October 17, 2005

Release The Beast

No, there's no running beast within me waiting to get out, although I might need to create one if I'm going to get a move on with my half marathon training. I ran this last year as my first half, and trained religiously for it with a 8-week plan pulled down from Runners World, but this year's preparation has been nonchalant at best. I've got 2 weekends left to train for this.

Last weekend, I went out planning to do 12 miles around the neighborhood. Even had the water and GU laid out and waiting in my strategic hiding spot! But the run just didn't feel right, and I turned it in after 4 miles or so. I'm thinking it's my shoes, reaching semi-retirement age and time to find a new primary pair.

So today I bought a new pair of shoes, not my 4th (and only type of running shoe I've ever worn) Brooks
Beast, but my 1st Brooks Addiction 6. Still a motion control shoe, but cheaper ($90 vs $110) and lighter (12.5 ozs vs. 14.5 ozs). Ran 6 miles this evening and it worked just fine. The Beast has worked great for me and I've never had any foot problems, but I thought it might be time to bust out for a change. Look out - I'm living dangerously, tempting fate, and running on the edge now!

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Yvonne said...

Those are the exact ones I've been wearing for some time. I think they're super :)