Thursday, October 20, 2005

Got Caesium-133?

It's used to calculate and calibrate the official precise time duration of one "second", but who needs Caesium-133 when you can just run?

I've run 3 times this week, best guess 6 miles each time, 2 different routes around the neighborhood, and the 3rd route a brand new one in a completely new direction that I've never done before. There's almost absolutely nothing similar in these routes: different time of day, different number of intersections, traffic, waiting at stop lights etc. Each time when I got home, here's my time:

Monday 54:37
Tuesday 54:35
Thursday 54:34

Weird or what?


Susan said...

Wow - that's time control

Deene said...

a secret internal beacon with a timer?

Flatman said...

Pace monster!