Thursday, March 20, 2008


I haven't BQ'd (yet), but I'm getting closer to Boston. I started my new job this week and the company is here in Boston. While flying up on Monday morning, I received a voicemail that we had been acquired - not exactly the day 1 event I had envisioned! Turns out it's a good thing, and I'm more than happy with the company I joined and the company that intends to acquire us. I'll still be based out of Dallas, but look forward to occasionally spending time in Boston.

In running news, my LHR training has finally begun to show some results. I've tried to run consistently the past few weeks, at least 4-5 runs a week, although all are pegged at only 3 miles each while trying to stay under a 141 HR. My pace has been steadily coming down each week. Here's my average pace starting from 4 weeks ago:

Week 4: 12:21 (5 runs: 12:21, 13:01, 12:33, 12:26, 11:23)
Week 3: 12:03 (5 runs: 12:00, 11:48, 12:17, 12:15, 11:54)
Week 2: 11:40 (4 runs: 11:55, 11:24, 11:34, 11:49)
Week 1: 11:28 (2 runs: 11:44, 11:13)

There was a cold drizzle coming down last night, and I ended up running in the hotel gym. It was the first LHR run I've done on a treadmill, and I was surprised to be able to get it down to the low 11:00's. I had a work related dinner tonight, at the Cheesecake Factory no less (I was good - no dessert), but I'm going to try that treadmill again tomorrow morning!


Anne said...

Are congratulations in order for being acquired? Usually, it saves a company from folding (unless it's a hostile takeover), so I'll take it on faith that it's a good thing. And you know I know Boston, so I predict many happy runs when you're there.

peter said...

I'm glad your low pace training is paying off. Boston! Who'da'thunk?

jeanne said...

this is intriguing. (the acquisition is interesting too.) 21st c mom GAVE me a heart rate monitor, which i managed to lose, find, replace the battery on, and then break.


I adore boston!

David said...

Well haven't we been the absent one changing our lives around.
Congratulations on the job and the running rate.
Go Red Sox.

Deene said...

glad your training is going well. Congrats on being acquired.

Susan Oseen said...

It is tough to keep the HR down, isn't it?! We are trying to stick pretty close to our HR Zone training and see how this years races differ from other years with doing that. So far so good.

You are doing great!!

TxTriSkatemom said...

wtg on the treadmill -- I always have such an aversion to them even though they are lifesavers some days.

The HRT is working for you!

Rae said...

Congrats on the new job! Will you be traveling as much in general? Maybe it will bring you to Nashville sometime!!

Josh said...

Hey Rich - congrats on all fronts. I know of several triathletes who do LHR training for endurance. Your pace is moving down fast.

Enjoy your runs in B-town.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Best wishes qualifying for Boston