Saturday, April 14, 2007


I missed my Bobcat Boogie 5K this morning, because just about the time the race was starting in Dallas, I was checking into my hotel in Stockholm. Yup, Sweden.

This is a bit of a last minute business trip, for meetings here on Monday and Frankfurt on Tuesday. I finally landed an upgrade and it couldn't have come at a better time. American flies a 777 from Dallas to Frankfurt, and it was completely packed. They assigned my coach seat to me and another guy, and when the flight attendant came back from sorting it out, I was handed a business class seat. Yes!

From Frankfurt, it was a short layover and transfer to Lufthansa to get to Stockholm. I've never been to Sweden before this, so everything from here on was new. Arlanda Airport in Stockholm was easy to get around in, with a train station one level below the arrivals hall from which I caught the
Arlanda Express train into the city. 200 SEK or about US$29, 20 minute ride, if the train leaves more than 2 minutes late - you get your money back.

In the cab ride from
Stockholm Central Station to my hotel, I got a short tour of the city. It was a beautiful sunny day at least in the mid 60'sF, and it seemed like the entire population was outside. I took mental notes about where I wanted to run - mainly through the downtown area of Norrmalm and the old city of Gamla Stan, along the water, parks, and old buildings comprising various museums, the Opera House, and the Royal Palace.

After an unplanned nap, I changed and ran back into town. It was only about 3 miles. The first mile and a half was along the highway, but at least there was a running/biking path
of sorts because it was alongside some kind of park. Once into town, it was narrow streets and old buildings. I zig zagged my way south, knowing I would eventually reach the water. The closer into town, it started to get pretty busy on the sidewalks. I took some pics but of course left my camera cable at home, so here's a stock photo of Stockhom off Google.

I spent the afternoon wandering about downtown, and then ran back again. I should've gotten something to eat while I was there, but I didn't want to run back on a full stomach. Sidewalk food was plentiful downtown, if you like ice cream or beer. Dinner was room service in the hotel, not the best, but I crashed right after that. I'm posting this on Sunday morning before I head out. Got a little run planned that I'll post about later tonight!


David said...

Somebody ran the Bobcat Boogie under your name. They won the race. $5,000 first prize and you had to be present to win. Sorry.
Right. Like you're not loving the adventure in Stockholm? Dig it.

peter said...

Come on Rich, who doesn't like ice cream and beer? And if you can score it during a run, all the better! When I was in high school too many years ago, we knew Sweden to be the land where there was "Free Love." (OK, it was the 60s.) We had a PG at school my last year who was FROM Sweden. He wrote in our high school yearbook quote that he couldn't wait to get back home so that he could check out all this Free Love. This was my first suspicion that all was not as it was being presented to me.

Susan Oseen said...

Sounds like good times in Stockholm. Business Class...LUCKY!!! That would never happen to us...we'd always be the ones places by the bathrooms and the back of the plane:)

Josh said...

So cool!

jeanne said...

David made me laugh out loud.

I leave town for a one day and you skip the country?!?

COOL! Very very cool.