Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting Closer

It finally arrived. My last long run, of only 8 miles, was completed today. I started late, at 4:45 pm, but it was a rare perfect fall afternoon for Dallas. You've all probably had these days, the sky couldn't be blue-er, the sun couldn't be shinier, the air couldn't be crisper, and the wind couldn't be cooler and more refreshing. We just don't get that many of them here.

Now if I can only hang on until next Sunday, I'll be at the starting line for MCM. By then, I'd have logged 524 miles of training over the past 18 weeks, easily a few hundred miles than I would've, had I not signed up for a marathon.

In the meantime, our baby turns 5 tomorrow (sob sob!). We took her and a few of her fellow princesses to Libby Lu's at Stonebriar Mall yesterday. If you have a little princess, this is apparently the place to be. Their birthday "makeover" party came with princess gowns for everyone, hair styling, make-up and nail polish (not quite a full manicure!). This is the girl who scored a hat-trick two weekends ago and put in two more goals earlier in the day against a boys team!

My baby's growing up, I ate too much cake, but otherwise everything's good.

Happy Birthday Sydney :)


Black Knight said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful daughter. Good luck for the MCM!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your last long run. It sounds like a perfect day.

Deene said...

Aww! so cute! happy birthday!
my girl is nearly 12 and she is still "Baby" to everyone. enjoy the taper.

Bex said...

Cute photo! I bet your daughter had a great time on her birthday.

Are you enjoying the taper? I'm not sure I am. My hams are tight and my left ITB hurts. But it could be just anxiety. Or not. See you on Friday!

jeanne said...

Can't wait to meet!

Ginger Breadman said...

I went to a Shawn Colvin concert in the summer and she talked about taking her daughter to Libby Lu's for her birthday - I always wondered what it was. Happy Birthday Sydney! Quite the well-rounded little personality to have a passion on the soccer field and know that she can be a princess as well.
Get some rest this week - looking forward to watching the results for MCM!

Rae said...

What a cutie!!

Good luck at MCM this weekend!! Have fun with all the bloggers!!

21st Century Mom said...

What an adorable kid. They grow up so fast :-( !!

Have a great marathon!