Monday, June 05, 2006

June 5th, 2005

First of all, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Anne, Susan, and Nic for finishing San Diego yesterday! Each has her own story for how they did it, but they all finished!

I'm partial to San Diego, because today is my one-year annivesary of becoming a marathoner there, and I think I will remember this date for some time to come. I haven't run another one yet, but I'm hoping I can still make it this year (please, please
NYC, pick me!).

Anyway, to commemorate this date, I went out for a long run this evening starting out in Chinatown. My hotel woes continue, regrettably, and I've been placed in a pretty pathetic dump built recently in 2001 but furnished completely with liquidation-quality stunningly-bad rejects from 1961 - yet they have wireless hi-speed internet - go figure! I made my escape and headed straight for the Williamsburg Bridge (thanks for the tip,
Josh), crossing over into Brooklyn. Using my spotty memory of a Yahoo Maps printout, plus two consultations with NYC traffic cops, I zig-zagged my way to the Brooklyn Bridge, and crossed back into Manhattan. I even threw in a sprint up the easier Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge for good measure, probably scaring a few tourists with my all-out huffing and puffing. With a final navigation past City Hall and through the Chinatown crowds, I made it back to my "hotel" in 1:02:31, a touch over 7 miles.

So, do you remember where and when was your first marathon?


Josh said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the NYC marathon! I think the lottery results get posted tomorrow morning...

My first marathon was NYC 2003. It was the 2nd most profound moment in my life. The 1st, coming just 2 weeks prior - on the alter marring my wife. Talk about a honeymoon!

PS - glad you made through Brooklyn ok. Sounds like a great run.

Anne said...

Thanks for the congrats and for thinking of us. It was a tad warmer than last year, but I still love the course. I hope NYC picks you 'cause that's an excellent one too.

My first marathon was a Marine Corps Marathon in 1993 and, you're so right, you never forget every moment of it. It poured rain. I ran it with tendinitis in my knee. I didn't eat properly and puked. So many things went wrong. And, yet, I can only smile when I recall every mile of it. I never thought of running a commemorative run to celebrate that date. What an excellent idea!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Good luck with the NYC lottery.
My first, and second, marathon was the Marine Corps marathon. The first being in 2003. I finished, thinking I had that check in the box and I was through with marathons. I boarded the metro toward our car telling my friend that I couldn't wait to do another.

Yvonne said...

glad to read that somebody else is doing adventurous runs through the boroughs of NYC, and not just sticking to central park. those bridges rock, don't they?

good luck getting into nyc. I'd give you my entry if I didn't want to get into trouble...

Ginger Breadman said...

I love your NYC posts! I feel like a virtual runner, traveling down the streets, over the bridge and through the park.

Rae said...

Of course!! Miami Marathon - Jan 29, 2006. I'll never forget that beautiful day!!!

You make me want to go back to NYC!!!