Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Cycle of Life

I'm sitting at Teo's in Austin having a cafe au lait and catching up on a little bit of work leftover from last week. It's perfect in Austin - cool nights in the 40's, sunny days in the 60's. I came down yesterday to pick up some shirts I had printed up. It's a little side business / experiment of mine - check it out at! Thanks Wil for the inspiration you probably didn't even know you gave me!

It's a small start, but I hope grow it into a more creative and edgy alternative to the mainstream (bor-ing) stuff put out by the campus bookstores and big-box sports retailers. Their stuff all seems to come from the same guy who invented "Property of Ho-Hum University Athletic Department XXL" shirts 50 years ago. Eventually I want to get the students themselves to design these shirts, and I'll give them a sales outlet and pay them a royalty. BTW - if anyone cares to learn about the significance of Bevo (the Texas mascot) and 13-0, read
this (page down to #11).

So while I'm here, I caught a basketball game in town. Our baseball team won the CWS last year, and our football team won the BCS. Can you imagine the expectations from the alumni and boosters for our basketball team and a run to the Final Four? Luckily, we took a step in the right direction as #9 Texas beat #3 Villanova

After the game, I finally got around to running. I'm still not back in shape for the new year, but I'm trying. I ran to and around campus, across all the same paths I fuzzily remember from almost 20 years ago. School starts on Tue, and there were quite a few parents rolling around helping their kids move in. It's the cycle of life and it never stops. It's actually scary. No one will mistake me for a returning undergrad, but I sure hope I don't look old enough to be their old man - my fear is that when my turn comes, I will! I don't want my kids to grow up any faster, but I also don't want them to wait till I'm old and gray. Time and tide waits for no man - I'm screwed!


Susan said...

So jealous. Love Austin.

Deene said...

cool tee!

susie said...

Running keeps us *all* young

Yvonne said...

I love Austin too. Those temps sound so great to me right now !!!

SIS said...

Your nephew's starting school so you're closer to old and gray than you'd like to believe!! Anyway, I don't look old, only wise ;-)