Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where The Young Are Young and the Old Even Look Young

I really have to find a way to live in Austin. I drove down for a quick trip yesterday, and managed to get in a run at Town Lake before driving back. It's a great place to run, mostly sand and gravel, on the banks of Town Lake which is really a river flowing through downtown Austin. It's full of energetic young people running, which at my age is beginning to exceed 50% of anyone out there with a heartbeat. Boo. Even so, I could flat outrun some of the young'uns (still recovering from the weekend perhaps?), but there were of course many more that left me in the dust. Young, old, fast, or slow, most everyone out there looked to be in great shape, and you could see it in their faces. I guess the setting brought out Austin's finest and fittest!

I ran for 1:03, I'm guessing 7.5-ish miles. At the end of the run, it was already dark at 6:00 pm, and a little chilly in shorts and short sleeves at 57F. I can imagine Florida David's reaction to this (freezing!) and Minnesota Zeke's (burning up!).

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Susan said...

I love Austin too Rich. It is for the young at heart. I'm going there for T-Day - Can't wait. Nice time on your run.